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A Canadian student planner-journal that puts joy into planning, and imagination into daily writing.

Recommended age: 8 - 12

Made in Canada

Tired of keeping track of your children's schedules?

As my children grew older, their weekly schedules became packed with various activities. Furthermore, attending different schools means that pizza days and school events are scheduled at different times.

When my daughter was 8 years old, she asked for a planner. I purchased one for her, but she thought it was too ordinary and uninteresting. Despite numerous attempts with various planners, and several months passing, they ended up abandoned on the bookshelf with only a handful of pages filled and are now gathering dust.

This inspired me to come up with a planner that works for her age group, SHORT, FUN and most importantly IT IS USED EVERYDAY! After multiple iterations, Raining Rainbows is born. It is a compact and user-friendly planner with a combination of simple daily writing prompts. It is something that they can put in their backpack every day, to track what's happening at school as well as using it at home.

Here is a chance for our children to learn organisational skills by jotting down and keeping track of their homework, assignments, extracurricular activities, as well as special events like birthdays and family gatherings. Additionally, daily journaling can serve as a wonderful keepsake to look back on at the end of the year.

2-in-1 planner journal

  • improves organisational skills
  • promotes learning the basics of timelines and deadlines
  • tracks achievements
  • promotes communications
  • Exhibits awareness of cultural celebrations
  • encourages daily writing

Kids taking charge of their own schedule

Raining Rainbows is a combination of planner and journal that not only makes planning fun but also opens up to imaginative writing on a daily basis. It is a compact book that can be used at school and at home, allowing quick short journaling even on those busiest days. It includes major Canadian public holidays, cultural celebrations, and fun days.

What you'll find inside...



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A great way to capture a summary of their favorites and aspirations for that year."

What you'll find inside...

About your friends & Family

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Curious about your grandparents', cousins', or friends' birthdays, favorite foods, movies, or activities? It's time to discover and complete those missing pieces!

What you'll find inside....

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> maps

> Fractions

> Time

> Unit measurements

> multiplication table

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Explore this exciting section filled with a wide range of resources. It not only offers intriguing fun facts but also provides practical everyday information for their reference.

What you'll find inside...

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Holidays & Celebrations

Canada is one of the most diverse nations in the world. Discover the wonderful cultural festivities celebrated here. This also includes all the public holidays and fun national days.

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What you'll find inside...

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class & activity schedule

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homework & project tracker

What you'll find inside...

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Annual Calendar

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Simple overview of the entire year starting from September 2023 to August 2024.

PA/PD days

Planned vacation days

School holiday camps

What you'll find inside...

Every day comes with a specific word or sentence to serve as a writing prompt, offering inspiration for students to express their creativity.

Alternatively, students have the freedom to write just about anything, even if it's just one word that comes to their mind that day.

Daily Journaling

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2 cover designs to choose from

Grafitti or sticker your cover!

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Detailed star graffiti
Cat Paw Animal
Simple vibrant graffiti smile
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dabbing cat

Where to purchase

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locally designed & made in Canada


We have limited copies, but you can get your copies by contacting me via Facebook or email me at

It will soon be available on Amazon